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Business Ignite: Copywriting in a nutshell

Sell on emotion but justify the purchase with logic. If you want to improve your conversion, it is crucial to understand the elements of copywriting. A good copy is like a virtual salesperson promoting and selling your services (and products) 24/7, 365 days a year, for free.

This article will give you a nutshell of the copywriting framework.

But first, let me explain what Copywriting is.

Copywriting is writing a persuasive or informative script (or Text) that subtly sells your Offer, services, and products to your target market. Think of it as a mini-sales presentation transcribed into words and doing the selling on your behalf.

Here are three Tips for good copywriting.

1. Avoid Cliche A.I generated Copies..

Whilst Copywriting software (A.I) is sprouting the internet with affordable subscription plans, getting your copies written fast is now easy.

A.I.-generated copies are great for speed and implementation; however, if you ignore the details, the output may sound generic and cliché. And if it slips into your marketing campaign, it might negatively affect your branding.

We recommend you use Copywriting A.I. software to serve as a content base for the human writer to make the necessary edit and revisions before posting it online.

Be warned that some Copywriters also use A.I. to produce templated copies and swap and replace Titles & subheadings to deliver your finished Copy.

2. Avoid the “cut and paste” Copies.

Have you seen two identical Facebook Ads by two different sellers with an almost identical writing styles? The only things that were different were the claimed monetary figures.

You can only witness this in action if you have two competitors targeting the same audience – you.

There are Copywriters in the marketplace who sell time-tested copies they had purchased (or developed) a series of Swipe Files and on-sell them to you.

Their success template may work for some industries or be a disaster for some business owners. This strategy only works well if the copywriting style fits your business model; if so, you’ll hit the jackpot and score. But if it doesn’t blend well, it will appear outlandish as it failed to resonate with your brand.

As a result, you just shot yourself in the foot as you paid for some Copies that sound great in writing, but your brand couldn’t blend well with the ears.

3. Find a Competent Copywriter

As obvious as it sounds, not all copywriters are created equal.

Some learnt copywriting through a three-day online crash course, and a few mastered the art of linguistics.

A good Copywriter can be challenging to find: the great writers are beyond your reach (in fees); the good writers are already retained by loyal clients, and the entry writers are asking for market price. It is tango to find a suitable copywriter. But if they can bring in the sales, it can pay off.

Depending on your luck and budget, you might only attract a mid-tier copywriter who captures only 50-70% of what YOU wish to communicate.

The seven elements of copywriting framework

Regardless of how you obtain your copies, it will require further editing and customisation to fit your brand messages. Here are seven elements of an excellent copywriting framework, as follows: –

  1. Ensure you have an attention-grabbing Headline that focuses on an outcome.
  2. Use a Storytelling strategy to position your point of difference.
  3. When pitching your Offer, apply the 70/30 principle: 70% emotional, 30% logical
  4. Display your Tiered-Pricing model
  5. Apply Value Juxtaposition
  6. Consider using the Money-back guarantee to remove the risk
  7. Slap it with a Call to Action button.

You can use these seven copywriting elements to write your Copies or audit your copywriter’s artistry. Once it’s done, upload your Copies to your sales or lead pages and watch your words turn into profit.


If you want to craft an effective and persuasive sales copy, ensure you review and customise A. I generated documents into readable content. Alternatively, take the time to find a competent copywriter who understands how to tell a story that will position your product as the solution to your customer’s problem. When pitching your Offer, remember the 70/30 principle: make sure that 70% of your Pitch is emotional and 30% is logical. This will help ensure that you speak to both sides of the brain when making your case for why someone should buy from you.

Additionally, be sure to display your tiered pricing model prominently on your page so potential customers can see at a glance what their options are. And finally, don’t forget the call to action! Slap a big button on there telling people precisely what they need to do if they want to buy from you.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to increasing sales and conversion rates on your Copies. Join the Mastermind Group to access these resources. Ignite Mastermind.


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