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Business Ignite helps Business Owners achieve faster business growth, attain greater results, and maximise their business’s profit potential.

Our mission is to elevate Entrepreneurial Intelligence globally. 

As business owners, you are a Leader and an expert in your field, constantly looking for ways to attain more resources, acquire new capabilities, and access to more opportunities.

 Business Ignite is your Platform to help attain your business & life goals.

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Victor Kon is an international entrepreneurial consultant, Certified Business Advisor, and Certified Practising Marketer with marketing, management, and business background. As an innovator and visionary, he founded and grew several successful companies and sold it with a 600-900% ROI. He grew most of the companies from the ground up by establishing business workflows, building a sales & marketing automation system, and developing an effective business team, thus enabling him the option to work 2 to 3 days a week on his ventures.

As an established business authority and digital marketing expert, Kon is also a member of the Australian Marketing Institute, where he is required to implement digital marketing to “walk the walk”.

Before Victor offered his training, business coaching, and marketing services to business owners on business growth, he spent years doing Google & Facebook Ads, Content & Email marketing, Website development, Copywriting, and coordinating SEO tasks.

Victor intends to combine his business-management acumen with his online marketing abilities to help business owners maximise their profit potential, create Time wealth, and transform their business(es) into a turn-key profit-making machine. He has also successfully translated the efficacy of his proven multi-million-dollar entrepreneurial approach into his comprehensive training program and consulting services.

Victor is the entrepreneurial genius you need to achieve the real Return-on-Investment (ROI) results that will catapult your business to the next level of success and market domination. As a much sought-after entrepreneurial coach and certified business advisor, he is a thought leader, public speaker, connector, and mentor

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