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Business Ignite specialises in providing companies with the frameworks, tools, and resources necessary to drive growth through leadership development, artificial intelligence, digital innovation, and enhanced operational efficiency. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses strategic advisory, implementation support, and training and development for business leaders, empowering them to foster profitable growth within their organisations. Committed to transforming businesses into high-performing entities, we deliver essential strategies and insights tailored to thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape. Our approach ensures that businesses at every stage can unlock their full potential and attain sustainable growth.

We help directors, founders, and executives with their business transformation, operational digitisation, and entrepreneurial growth. We have over 60 time-tested business frameworks designed for Small and Medium Businesses to take their business to the next level. 


On a micro level, our ultimate mission is to nurture the growth and advancement of entrepreneurs by enhancing their conscious awareness, using business as a conduit for ongoing personal transformation. We aim to refine their entrepreneurial acumen, empowering them to positively influence their reference group, network, and community.


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We embrace non-complacency, fostering competitive innovation to drive our company and our clients' businesses forward with dynamism and business relevance.

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Continuous Growth

We instil continuous growth in-house and with our clients, nurturing business profitability by optimising one's competitive advantages.

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We uphold integrity, guiding every action with honesty and ethical practices to establish goodwill, trust, and respect for the next 28 years.

What We Do and How We Can Help?

Here's a range of focal points and areas in your business that we can support, facilitate, and integrate for you.

Business Growth

Leadership Growth


Business Growth Strategist/ Consultant

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Victor Kon

Certified Business Advisor (IBA)
Certified Pracitising Marketer (AMI). Degrees. Management & Business.

With over a decade of experience building, growing, and exiting businesses, I specialise in integrating complex business and marketing strategies that enable your business to run like clockwork. Whether you need to digitise your service-based business, integrate your marketing strategies, or implement change management, I can apply any of the 65+ best practice tools to transform your business from good to great.

I help businesses find cost-effective strategies to empower them to reach their full potential and thrive by creating tailored solutions that drive growth and success for their company.

As a proud member of the Australian Marketing Institute and the Institute of Business Advisors, I have helped a range of companies achieve impressive results, from 3X to 9X growth in ROI.

Transforming your small or mid-size company into a profitable business doesn’t have to be costly if you are seeing ROI. For more information on how I can help you, visit www.businessignites.com.

You are in good hands.
We are Certified & Partner members of

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Our Team

Meet our team at Business Ignite, each playing their part in helping you achieve business growth. From advice, strategy, to execution, we are your right-hand partners for your business growth.
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Victor K.

Principal Consultant/ Advisor/ Strategist

Victor Kon is a seasoned business leader with over a decade of experience in building and growing successful companies. He has extensive experience in service-based businesses catering to B2C and B2B markets in industries such as hospitality, accommodation, tourism, property, trades, construction, education, and training. As the Principal Consultant at Business Ignite, he is committed to driving business success through strategic alignment, operational improvement, and digital transformation for his clients.

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Dennis M.

Business Solutions Integrator

As a seasoned IT professional, Dennis utilises his tech-savvy skills to help our clients integrate business technologies, furnish their LMS, digitise workflows/processes, and resolve whatever roadblocks related to business tools/software to stabilise their businesses and digitise their business elements. Dennis enjoys spending time with his wife and building passive income in his spare time.

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Rica B.

Marketing Solutions Implementor

With a passion for social media (SM) and search engine (SE) marketing, Rica excels at helping clients drive more traffic by creating engaging content, launching Meta/Google Ads, and enriching websites. She works meticulously to help our clients execute cost-effective marketing solutions to improve online presence and sales conversion. Aside from helping clients with their marketing, she spends her spare time taking care of two young children.

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Lorena F.

Client Development Associate

Lorena specialises in nurturing client relationships. Her objective is to identify leads, conduct outreach, and raise awareness for our clients, helping them promote their brands to specific target segments. Her aim is to foster robust connections with their ideal prospects and clients, ultimately enhancing relationships, driving sales, and ensuring ongoing customer care.

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