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Accelerate your business progression.

The smaller the group, the better it is. Our Ignite Mastermind has no more than 15 business owners to ensure attention, help, and resources are given to each member to drive business growth. Apply Now!

The IGNITE Business Mastermind Inner Circle is a Growth Acceleration program, specifically designed to equip business owners and entrepreneurs with essential strategies, tools, and resources. Its focus is on driving business growth and helping you resolve the 8 elements that impede your business & life potential.

Strategy & Execution

The Business of You

Marketing Branding

Rev, Sales, & Growth

Services & Innovation

Competitiveness, USP, Positioning.

Sales & Profit

Money, Margin, & Freedom

Systems & Workflows

Automation, Optimisation, and Efficiency

People & Productivity

Talent, Resources, & Progression.


Leadership Spiritual Transformation

Management Operations

Customer Service, Growth, & Excellence.

What You Get In the
Mastermind Inner Circle Program


Business Optimisation: We’ll strengthen the eight (8) elements of your business to ensure it is run lean and optimised, methodically applying transformative frameworks by incorporating the nine Strategic Models, the High-Performance Organisational Model, and the seven key elements of the Growth Positioning System 

Business Ignite Pillars

Marketing Done-For-You (Inclusive):  Each month, our Integration Team dedicate a specific number of hours and resources to build-on your SEO, enhances your website, create content to attract traffic, initiate campaigns, conduct lead generation and outreach, and provide marketing support with any graphic design requirements.

Integrating Marketing

Integration of Technology (Optional): Upon completion of the program, we will integrate up to five business-enhancing software tools into your business model, thereby transforming your operational systems. Additionally, you will benefit from the licensing rights for these tools for the duration of your membership. Members can select from up to 10 premium business software tools, as detailed below.

We’ll install and perform lite customisation so that it is ready for you to Plug & Play!

*Sound too technical? Don’t worry; the business software above is designed to be user-friendly for individuals of all ages and technical backgrounds, just like the ease of use of an iPad. We’ll provide training and also offer the option for key staff members to learn on your behalf.


There simply isn’t enough time, energy, and resources to learn everything about Business, Marketing, and Growth Best Practices. To simplify this process, we distil the practical and applicable aspects of an MBA into actionable steps.

Over a period of 12 months, you will gain access to time-tested frameworks covering Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer and Employee Engagement, Risk Management, Innovation, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and much more. These frameworks are designed to drive growth in your business, as follows: –

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


In each masterclass, we'll focus on one (1) business-building strategy to apply for your business model. You'll get time-tested frameworks & strategies on business growth, marketing, sales, customer, employee, risk, innovation, creativity, and Money, followed by business coaching on the subject matter.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


With shared insights and collective wisdom, this unique opportunity allows for your business projects and challenges to be reviewed and resolved, ensuring the progressive realisation of your purpose-driven goals: business optimisation, cost savings, and fostering growth that enhances your business value for years to come

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


In your members' portal, you'll gain full access to a range of on-demand training videos. Core strategy subjects covered include entrepreneurship, business, marketing, sales, operations, leadership, finance, as well as workplace productivity & performance. Plus entrepreneurial life hacks to navigate the life with insights.


Boxing classes
0 X

Business Growth Sessions

Strategies, application, and implementation are the keys to progressive growth in your business. Bridging this gap, the IGNITE Business Growth Mastermind provides comprehensive training and implementation workshops for you and/or one key partner. This approach guarantees that the strategies developed are not only ready for deployment but can also be effectively utilised by your team. Over a period of 12 months, you will get…

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


Fast track your business growth and personal success with clarity planning. Every quarter, we’ll spend some solitary time to work out your 90-day action plan. Get feedback to optimise your steps, the more efficient your tasks, the quicker you can achieve your goals.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

8 x Implementation

Overcome challenges and bridge the gap between planning and success. We tackle one growth strategy at a time, guiding you through the steps, followed by the implementation of these strategies into your business, ensuring transformative business outcomes.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

8 x Round-Table Discussion

It is the discussion that elevates our business insights. Designed to make you ponder, raise questions, and apply what you’ve learned into your business model using our workbook as a guide. Get clarity, feedback, and have questions answered in the mastermind group.


Running a business can often feel isolating. While you have access to our resources, they can’t match the effectiveness of personalised support, group accountability, and engaging discussions. As a member, you’ll also benefit from mid-level marketing and technical support, addressing your business workflows, technological challenges, and marketing requirements. Here’s what’s included: –

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


Share your wins, success, challenges, and roadblock. Get connected, supported, and motivated during our group support sessions. As well, access to referral and collaboration opportunities with other business owners. Doument your progress on a KPI dashboard to keep track of success, reasonings, and lessons learnt. 

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind


Get access to mid-level marketing & tech support to resolve your issues related to business software tools, marketing, and business issues. You have access to a private chat group, voice-call, video conference, and other support platforms to resolve your business challenges.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Peer-2-Peer Accountability

The KPI-oriented peer2peer session where you and your peers will do the work to get your business where it needs to be. It is your time to present, get feedback, and implement what you have promised to complete as you grow your business.


In addition to a wide array of business growth tools, workbooks, Excel formulas, worksheets, templates, PowerPoints, infographics, and diagrams designed to drive business growth, our Members also gain access to premium competitive marketing reports and creative resources like stock images and audio. Furthermore, you’ll get a major members discount on ad hoc marketing and business services.

You can request premium reports on any of the marketing software that we have from time to time, such as semrush, ahref, Moz, Spyfu, Ispionage, (etc etc). Let us know what data you want, and our Team will be delighted to generate the following reports to help unveil your competitors’ secrets: their organic keywords, traffic source, backlinks, Ads Copies (if appl), or Content Topics Report (for your content calender) and much more. Don’t worry, once you joined, we’ll give you a menu guide on what reports you can get, extract, or print out. Any of these data will save you time, money, and unnecessary expenses chasing the wrong tail.

Valued $299/ month.

Access to over 50,000+ HD Images, short clips, and Sound Effects! Send to my team the files you want, and they will download and send those assets to you or to a common folder so all members can enjoy.

Elevate your brand by using these creative assets to jazz up your Website, Podcast, Videos, Blogs, and Emails. If you want, we can help you embed images, short videos, or other creative onto your website*.

*Condition applies.

Valued $6,480/ year.

Let us take care of your online marketing for you. As Members, you get up to 15% off our Online Marketing & Business Solutions advertised price. Click here for list of services.

Valued $399/ Month


We offer three Membership plans tailored to suit your budget. As business owners ourselves, we recognise that the decision to invest becomes straightforward when the value received exceeds the cost. This principle is the foundation of our Business Mastermind program. You can expect substantial benefits in terms of business achievements, cost savings, and personal transformation. Our estimate suggests that these benefits could exceed your investment by at least 3 to 9 times over the program’s duration. If, for any reason, you don’t experience these benefits within the first three months, you have the option to cancel with just a 30-day notice [Growth Program]. This gives you ample time to evaluate the program’s value without any financial risk.


Flat-Fee $650 Monthly
  • Growth/ Impl. Workshops
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Marketing Support
  • On-Demand Training


Fixed $1,500 Monthly
  • Everything in IGNITE.
  • As Itemised No. 1 to 6.
  • Marketing DFY*
  • Technical Support


From $2,500 Monthly
  • Everthing in GROWTH.
  • 1:1 Consulting/ Coaching
  • Results|Outcome Execution
  • Project Implementation

DFY= Done For You. NB:  We evolve the deliverables from time to time, please check with the Consultant to confirm.

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+61 (3) 9381 7883


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In Summary. Here's what you will get...

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Business Growth Training/ Workshops

Our Business Growth training covers a range of entrepreneurial topics on marketing, generative A.I integration, strategy, digital transformation, operational improvement, cash flow, systems, wealth, and mindset.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Accountability & Coaching

Sharpen your business narratives and optimise your productivity in our group accountability sessions.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Nurture your business growth while prioritising your personal & mental wellness to achieve long-term overall well-being.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Round-table & Hot Seat

A unique chance to get your business growth challenges resolved in real-time using collective insights.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Growth Planning + Workshops

Evaluate gaps and opportunities with one of our tools and get expert guidance for optimised implementation

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Plus, Up To 10 Hours of Marketing Support

This is a complementary service and the support includes consulting, assessing, and diagnosing your marketing plan and prescribing the best path to optimise your investment with regards to your marketing strategies, and our Integration Team will coordinate the rest of the activities on your behalf. Here are some of the marketing areas we support, as follows: –

Plus Pick One Result below

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Website Enhancement

We oversee all website edits and enhancements, including copywriting, upgrades, mild technical issues, and WordPress CMS optimisation, to boost your site’s presence. NB: that backend coding/programming is not included.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Graphic Design & Content Creation

Managing graphic designers and content creation contractors can be challenging, leading to numerous revisions. Our Integration team, with 20+ years of experience, excels in clear communication and results management.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Meta FB/ INST Ads

Ad Campaign Creation: We establish standard campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with dedicated monitoring for campaigns below $1K monthly ad spend (user covers ad spend)

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

SEO Services

From conducting Website Audits to identify issues; to optimising on-page, off-page, and local SEO; creating engaging content; building quality backlinks; and extracting Premium Reports from Semrush-intelligence data.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Lead Generation & Outreach

We assess your CRM configuration and target market, supervise agents in extracting web leads matching your customer persona, and oversee outreach calling to ensure proper documentation in your CRM.

Business Growth Mastermind | business Ignite, Business Growth Mastermind

Google Ads

Search-Driven Campaigns: We create two standard search-only campaigns for active audience capture. Optimised Monitoring: We closely monitor campaigns under $1K monthly ad spend. Note: User covers ad spend

Every month, you or your company can leverage our Team’s Marketing expertise. Whether it’s tackling ALL aspects of your online marketing or focusing on a crucial key area, we’re here to empower your business and drive business growth. We can work on either of the following:-

Option #1

ALL areas of your business marketing as described above, or

Option #2

one key area that you wish to resolve in your business marketing.

Our online marketing support is entirely optional. It’s just some extra few pairs of hands to assist with your marketing plans. If you already have someone or choose not to use it, that’s perfectly fine. We offer these complimentary services as added value for businesses seeking extra support and greater return on their investment.

Don’t Wait for Another Month…

To Take Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical schedule and structure?

Monthly general Mastermind requires approximately 2-3 hours per event: online webinar or onsite.

Implementation workshops and group coaching sessions run twice a month for 60-90 mins, depending on the questions and support required.

Quarterly Mastermind can be a full half day.

You and a Team member can attend as much or as little of the live/ online Masterminds sessions, webinars, and coaching sessions as you wish.

If you can’t make it, you can submit questions ahead of time.

We also record most sessions but encourage total attendance to get the most out of your business growth.

Is there a Contract?

The standard agreement is a 12-month term. You get a discount if you pay in full.

However, there is a monthly agreement with a 3-month minimum commitment period where the monthly fee will be 31% more – this is to offset the time and costs spent on software tools, license rights purchases, implementation works, and asset installation, in the event of cancellation.

If you opt for this option, you may terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice.

Does my time zone matter?

As most of the sessions are live, and not pre-recorded, the sessions will run within the 9am – 5pm time zone of the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), UTC-10.

However, if you are content with watching post-recorded sessions, the time zone will not be an issue for you.

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria and share the same time zone with Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Where are the Ignite Mastermind Events held?

The monthly Mastermind gatherings are conducted either online or in a meeting/ conference room in various locations in Melbourne, subject to the majority preference. 

The Quarterly Live Mastermind Events are held in Melbourne in a conference/ meeting room, except for the Retreat.

Do you have a Retreat event?

Yes, there is. One of the quarterly mastermind events is a three-day retreat.

Our Retreat cultivates our inner peace, mindsets, and strengthens our well-being as entrepreneurs. Topics may include energy & clarity, higher purpose, relationship, Living presence, wealth, health, and any subjects that may impede our mental performance as entrepreneurs.

Detox, vegetarianism, tobacco & alcohol abstinence, meditation, and self-reflection will be the theme during the 3-day Retreat.

Can I bring a Business Partner, Trusted Team Member, or enrol a team member?

Yes, you can. You can invite/ bring/ enrol a 2nd person from your organisation to attend the Mastermind, Business training, and Implementation Workshops, especially if you cannot participate in a session.

If the 2nd person attends a live event/ training, there will be a small charge to cover incidental costs such as food, meeting room, activities, and other resources.

If your partner (business partner or spouse) sign-up into the Program, he/she only pay $100 per Month under the partner application.

Take note that in any of the above Investment options, ranging from $16,200 to $18,000 per annum, you’ll get $28,051 worth of value (of extras as compliments) in return!

Our goal is to give you at least 10X value in return for your investment both in personal and business growth.

How many coaching calls do I get?

If the event is conducted online, there will be three group coaching calls per Month.

Not all coaching calls have total attendance so there is a chance you can ask any questions during those sessions if time permits.

To help address your questions as comprehensive as we can, do submit your questions before each group mentoring sessions.

How Do I join the Ignite Business Growth Mastermind?

Click on the Apply Now button, fill-in the form, pay a $500 (fully refundable) deposit and we’ll reach out to you for a quick chat to get-to-know you and your business better.

If both parties choose to proceed forward, we’ll applied the deposit onto the initial payment.

What is the Investment (price) options?

All dollars are in AUD. There is a $500 deposit (fully refundable) during the application stage. If both parties choose not to proceed forward, we’ll return the money within three business days. There are three payment options: –

12-Month Agreement, Pay Monthly: –

If accepted, the $500 deposit will be applied to the initial payment of $3,000. Then, 12 equal monthly payments of $1,250.00 at the commencement of the Program (at each intake), totalling $18,000 for 12 months.

12-Month Agreement, Pay In Full (discount): –

If accepted, the $500 deposit will be applied to the initial payment of $3,000. The remaining $13,200 is due 30 days before the Program commences. The total investment for this Program, if Pay in Full, is $16,200. (You Save $1,800).

Month-By-Month Agreement: –

In this agreement, there is a minimum 3-month commitment, then month-by-month ongoing.

If accepted, the $500 deposit will be applied to the initial payment of $3,000. Followed by $1,724 per Month at the commencement of the Program. The total cost in 12 months is $23,688.
Under the month-by-month agreement, both parties may terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice.

Do you have a lower-price plan?

There is a starter plan for those who want to take things slowly.

The Lite Program is $998 per Month. And you’ll get monthly mastermind sessions: webinar or onsite, and group coaching sessions.

But there is NO implementation work done for you or installation and access to any business-building software tools and premium resources for your business, except business management software tool.

You’ll get access to group advisory, mentoring, and coaching sessions with limited resources.

What makes this Mastermind different from others in Australia?

Most Masterminds, Group coaching, or cohort business training program focus on dispensing information, either via pre-recorded videos, worksheets, or occasional live training, and leaves you to implement the ideas yourself.

You’ll get an endorphin kick for 7 days but revert to firefighting mode in no time to implement your strategies. 6 months pass, and business stays the same.

At the Ignite Mastermind, we help kick-start your implementation process by setting up, installing, and configuring business-building modules and software tools that strengthen your business growth and structure.

We act as your lite-Implementation agents.

So, by 12 months, you don’t just get great “how to” strategies; you get business assets and systems built-in to your business, ready to plug and play by you and your Team.   

Is the Ignite Mastermind Right For Me?

If you are seeking strategies, ideas, and new ways to build Business and Life success, the Ignite Mastermind program is for you.

If you want help and assistance with implementation and strategy execution, the Ignite Mastermind Program (not Lite) could be good for you.

The vital attributes we seek in a member are positivity, optimism, and sound logic, who possesses fundamental business acumen. They must also have a passion for becoming a better version of themselves.

Not everyone who applies will be accepted, as one bad apple (misfit) can affect the culture, dynamics, and values of the Mastermind group.

What if I don't turn up to every Monthly Mastermind?

Part of our service is to help you implement business and marketing technologies into your business to assist with growth, improvement, and optimisation. Your business will continue to grow in terms of systems and structure, but it will not reach its full potential if you do not allocate time, resources, and attention to it.

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