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Did you know that Successful Businesses all have one thing in common?

They all have an Experienced Business Advisor/ Consultant to Coach, Guide, and Mentor them to achieve Business Success!

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

You should choose a business consultant/ coach/ advisor who has
“been there and done that”.

And they should be someone who has successfully grown their businesses in the past, who has walked the path of entrepreneurship—paid salaries, hired/recruited employees, worked 60 hours a week, made massive mistakes that cost hundreds of thousands, paid rent, outgoings, negotiated with vendors, lawyers, bought, grown, and exited businesses, experienced anxiety, stress, and eventually reached a breaking point—and invested collectively nearly half a million dollars on training, education, and business consultancy to turn their business ventures from good to great, through systemisation, optimisation, and marketing.

If you can find such calibre in a business expert, he can help you…

Reclaim The Benefits of Being In Business,
and That includes...

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

And Start Getting These Results!

Together, we can get the results you seek.

As a business owner for more than a decade, 16+ years and counting, I understand the challenges that come with running a business: keeping it profitable, keeping pace with the competition, integrating technologies, improving customer acquisition, HR recruitment/ retention, and productivity sustenance are just a few of the pain points that you might face.

At the same time, you also want Growth, Profitability, Innovation, Work-life balance, and a Better purpose in life. That’s why I’m here to assist. I can help resolve most business challenges and grow your business to your desired status.

My mission is to help you achieve business success and navigate the Puzzles of Business Growth.

Hello there, My Name is Victor Kon

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

Born in Malaysia, raised in New Zealand, and developed in Australia. I am among the few business consultants/advisors/ coaches with over 16 years of hands-on business experience.

From 2008 to 2018, my primary venture involved buying/building businesses, optimising them with technology and grooming them to be sale-ready. Having grown and sold various companies over the past decade, I now assist other business owners in doing the same. My expertise to digitise business operations and seamlessly integrate business technologies and marketing solutions to optimise efficiency can proficiently bridge any gaps in your business landscape.

If you are hitting a wall with your business or pondering, “What should I do next”, “Where to next”, and “how do I get there”? Or Perhaps, you’re simply stuck and running in Figure 8 with your business, Business Ignite is your first point of contact to unblock any business challenges. 

The 1st step to any degree of business success is to establish Clarity, and find directions, solutions, and implementation game-plan to ensure they align with your purpose & goals. 

Life is transient; don’t waste precious time building a business using old operating systems.

Right strategy = right result!

Don't let the rocking chair mentality Impede your business growth.

If you are not achieving the desired results, and you find yourself encountering the same issues year after year, consider changing your strategy…

Strategy & Execution

Your Entrepreneurial strategy determines your business success. We'll work with you to develop a Strategic/ Business plan and formulate an implementation framework to prioritise activities that achieve profitable growth and promote long-term sustainability. We will also ensure that all planning and methodologies go smoothly so that the process streamline and automate your business operations, accelerating your journey towards business growth.

Leadership Development

Your state of consciousness, mindset, and well-being is your number one asset. To create profitable growth, you need to cultivate these 3 areas to elevate your EQ. In various sections of our three programs, we'll equip you with techniques that empower self-awareness and stillness to ground you mentally to embrace any chaos in business and life. By prioritising this practice, you'll see improvement in decision-making abilities, productivity, and clarity with directions.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing is Everything! Its you, your people, your business! We'll help you strategise, implement, and orchestrate your brand & online marketing strategy to accelerate your business growth. We'll integrate Google/Facebook Ads, SEO, CRM + Email System, Sales Funnel, Website, Lead generation system, into your business model so you can generate consistent sales. Alternatively, train your key staff to use these tools themselves.

Services & Innovation

To achieve the highest ROI, we'll assess the SWOT of your Service & products, formulate strategies to optimise resources to establish a customer satisfaction strategy to improve loyalty, repeat business, transaction frequency, and referrals. We reevaluate your market segmentation to formulate plans so you can attract more ideal customers and rid/sell off the "hard basket", allowing you to focus your resources and creativity on business innovation

Sales & Profit

Cashflow is King, and Sales are the lifeblood of a business, together, they affect your Profit Margin. We will plug your sales process into growth conversion tool(s), and develop actionable tasks that improve each element to boost its sales and profits. We will source technologies and integrate software tools to automate your sales process. Additionally, we will optimise Ads to improve ROI or train a key staff member to manage them.

Systems & Workflows

The act of business systemisation maximises your business potential and improves productivity. To scale-up, you need "systems" to optimise your business processes and workflows. We will reengineer your business processes, integrate a KnowledgeBase into your framework, advise on content strategy, and train key staff to build your "systems" online to manage internal and external key stakeholders, ultimately turning your business into one that depends less on you.

People & Productivity

Your people and workplace culture affect productivity. To create Time-wealth, retaining productive people and training the right talent are the keys to a high-performance culture. A bigger team does not necessarily correlate with optimum productivity. We can assist in outsourcing your processes and integrating recruitment software tools that semi-automate the recruitment, hiring, and talent management process to achieve overall workforce productivity.

Management Operations

We have over 65 best-practice business management apps and templates that are fully customisable to help you track progress, drive success, and accelerate growth in your business. All apps and tools are based on time-tested principles and models from industry experts in business management, past and present. We have got you covered from strategy, innovation, and change management to project management, systems processes, and HR.

BUY NOW: $497.00 AUD

Book an initial strategy, consulting, or coaching call with me to gain clarity, insights, and action steps for your business success.

The first call includes a FREE 30-minute business review so I can understand your needs and requirements, followed by a one (1) hour consultation session. We may take a break in between, and continue for another hour if there are still unresolved areas, we’ll include this as an additional complimentary hour (total 2.5 hrs) until you achieve clarity, acquire strategies, and receive a set of solid action steps to propel your business forward.

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

100% money-back guarantee. We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you don’t find an incredible value that justifies your initial investment, or if you are dissatisfied with the consultation for any reason, we will provide a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we value positive outcomes over any sense of dissatisfaction

3 Focal Points to Level Up Your Business

Our one-on-one Elite business consulting, advisory, and coaching service is laser-focused on elevating your entrepreneurial strategies, empowering you to conquer challenges and reach your business goals with certainty. We equip you with all the essential tools and frameworks for your business’s success. However, it’s important to emphasise that with a strong foundation in you as the leader and driving force, you can harness the full potential of these tools and strategies to efficiently and effectively expand your operations.

We combine a blend of business management principles, frameworks, advisory tools, and coaching models to elevate your business from a good state to greatness, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the following focal points to accelerate your business success.




Strategic planning & Implementation Program

For established business owners, we assist in crafting a clear strategic action plan, drawing from a pool of over 65 frameworks for achieving business success that may require attention:-

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operation
  • Profit margin
  • Productivity
  • People
  • Management

And to ensure that every process is optimised.

systemisation, Optimisation, & productivity

We work on areas that require digitisation to improve productivity and integrate business technologies to

  • Apply Generative A.I into your business model.
  • Streamline your processes
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Process automation
  • Digitise Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Lead Generation, Communication, Analytics, and much more

Marketing, Advertising, and branding

We collaborate to establish your Sales & Marketing System, working towards creating a predictable sales and revenue system for your business, as follows: –

  • Your sales systems/ funnel
  • Google and Facebook ads
  • Website enrichment
  • Business software.
  • Outreach & CRM
  • Email automation
  • SEO, Content, and Graphics.
  • Copywriting that integrate with any sales & marketing tools

Your Success Pathway

Our foundational deliverables include business assessments with 4 to 5 weeks of intensive strategic business planning sessions tailored to your goals & challenges, followed by subsequent 90-day action plan. You then elect one (or a mix) of the coaching frequencies below to suit your timing until your goals and challenges are resolved.

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Custom sessions

As an Elite VIP client, you’ll have unlimited support from me anytime via text, calls, emails, Zoom, and face-to-face meetings. Additionally, you’ll have direct access to my Integration Team if you need extra assistance with marketing, business technologies, or sales. The Elite program encompasses Integration and Implementation management of your business and marketing solutions. And depending on your needs and requirements, my team and I can handle the implementation and growth projects, including training in sales, customer relations, leadership, and business software applications. 

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching


Phase 1: Assessment & Advisory Session.

What You Get:

As explained in the previous section, the first phase marks our initial 1st strategy/ advisory/ coaching session, with up to 2.5-hour time limit until you attain clarity. In the first FREE 30 mins, I will familiarise myself with your business before we begin a business assessment. You can choose from up to 7 assessments based on the goals and challenges you aim to address. These assessments encompass a comprehensive analysis of your business (or entrepreneurial goals). We will closely evaluate what’s effective and what isn’t, identifying areas that require attention for growth. This process will culminate in a personalised action plan meticulously tailored for both you and your business.

Note: This is a paid professional advisory and assessment service with up to 2.5 hour time limit until you achieve clarity. It is not a sales call disguised as a “coaching/strategy call.”

Upon completing our 1st Strategy/ Advisory/ Coaching session, you can decide whether to proceed to Phase 2 during our subsequent meeting or opt-out entirely. This service is covered under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bluntly speaking, if you are not happy with the strategic advisory session and find no value in it, I don’t want your money. 

Start Now with only $497.00 AUD

Phase 2: Business Strategic Planning With 90-Day Action Plan.

This is a 4 to 5-week intensive business planning program where we work with you one-on-one. Depending on your needs, our Business Strategic Planning can include a Business Plan, Strategy/Implementation Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Forecast, and more.

This is a personalised strategic planning session with answers and solutions tailored to your specific business niche. We will collaborate with you to create a roadmap for achieving your personalised business success. This roadmap is entirely unique to your business, non-generic, and 100% authentic you, outlining clear goals, objectives, and a blueprint for your business.

In our premium strategic planning service, we will incorporate design thinking synthesis, business strategy development/formulation, and an implementation roadmap. We will also establish your 60 to 90-day action plan, identify the specific steps needed to achieve these goals, and develop a timeline for implementation.

From $1,980 AUD. 

Phase 3: Coaching, Advisory, & Accountability

Expert Coaching for less than the cost of a junior staff member,
starting from $2,500/Month

After completing the Strategic Business Planning phase, you have two options to proceed. First, you can take your Masterplan and implement it independently, or Second, we can collaborate closely to put your business strategies into action, accelerating your progress and achieving results more swiftly.

However, if you aim for significant growth and want to expedite your accomplishments, you’ll need a catalyst to continually stimulate leadership development, ensuring you remain on course and maintain ongoing progress. While navigating the strategic path, obstacles will inevitably arise, testing your resolve. You will encounter challenges such as a lack of expertise, inefficient processes, burnout, or issues unrelated to your business. Whatever difficulties you face, we will assess and adjust your strategy (consult), provide guidance and coaching (recalibrate), and offer advice on key elements of the business transformational growth model.

Throughout this journey, you’ll receive unwavering support with unlimited access to me through calls, texts, emails, Zoom meetings, and face-to-face sessions. You’ll also have the option to schedule regular board advisory sessions, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to optimise your strategies. Alternatively, we can assist in implementing and integrating your strategic goals, providing ongoing support to ensure you maintain your course and achieve business stability, growth, and optimisation. Rest assured, this service is backed by our 100% risk-free guarantee.

From: $2,500 AUD/ month.

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

Advisory & Coaching Service Guarantee.

As our client, if you attend meetings and complete the agreed-upon tasks, and by some unlikely event, cannot generate the expected return on investment – results quantifiable in financial & personal value – that is equal to or greater than the amount you paid for our professional service (model A) within the first six months, we will refund the difference.

In other words, You will only have the upside when you partner with us to grow your business. Our business coaching program comes with a 100% risk-free investment.

[Optional] Implementation Management

Subject to your needs and requirements, my Integration Team, under the supervision of a Certified Practising Marketer, will build, manage, and take care of your Marketing requirements by executing various marketing solutions, done-for-you service, and integrating Software tools tailored to your business needs. This may include assisting with your growth projects: including training in sales, customer relations, leadership, and software applications; or setting up and launching your business marketing assets, such as content, emails, graphics, CRM, and social media, as well as manage advertising and promotion, including Google/Facebook ads, website management, copywriting, SEO, and lead generation

From $650 AUD/ month.


Every business needs a specific toolkit to propel its success, and Your Business Growth is no exception. When you partner with us to grow your business, you’ll have access to over 65 web-based applications, all grounded in essential MBA frameworks, to help you build, grow, and scale your business. 

These licensed business applications cover a comprehensive range of areas, including the Business Growth framework, Strategic & Business Planning, Financial Reporting, Marketing, Cashflow Forecasting, Operational Policies, HR, Change Management, and much more

Ready to Explore?

You’ve read this far, And I can only help if you take the 1st step by contacting me today and start a conversation and see how we can achieve your business goals. Here are 3 steps to take: –

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

Step 1.

Schedule a Time

It’s completely FREE. Click the button to fill out your profile, allowing me to gain a better understanding of your business before our session

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

Step 2.

Meet And Greet​

Once booked, We’ll meet (via Zoom/ Teams/ or face-to-face) to go through what works and what doesn’t and walk through your business together so I can resolve some challenges you might be experiencing.

Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coaching

Step 1.

Initial Consultation. ​

If you resonate with my style, advice, and approach, you can schedule an initial consultation, advisory, and coaching session, with a combined duration of 2.5 hours. *100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

BUY NOW: $497.00 AUD

Business Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, purpose, personal, and relationship are made to work in synergy, not against one another

Exerpt – British Jounal of Administrative Management.

Get instant Coaching for $497 AUD !!!

Learn More about What a
Business Consultant, Coach, and Advisor can do to help you achieve business success!

Additional Information

Yes there is. Minimum 6-month contract, protected by a 100% risk-free guarantee clause. See Guarantee Clause.

We work with businesses across Australia in any State: VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, SA, NT, and WA.

Our price is based in AUD, although we love to charge in USD like my fellow colleagues.

We also welcome enquiries from the UK, NZ, & SG. And if you are from UK or US, you will benefit from the currency strength when you engage our services. Our fee remains the same.

Before we begin, we discuss the results you seek. Within reason, we set objectives and milestones, agreeing on which outcome is the most important to achieve within a specified period.

We mutually acknowledge the value our collaboration brings to you and your company, and we commit to working towards it.

We guarantee that the fee you paid will yield collective value that exceeds your expectations, or we will refund the difference, as per our Guarantee clause.

Depending on the outcome, you should see progressive results within 30 days

Yes, we certainly can. We offer a range of Done for You services, software, and tools designed to accelerate your progress. We can coordinate, project manage, and lead an implementation program for you.

We will provide cost-effective pricing options tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring we assist you in achieving your objectives within your budget and tight deadlines.

This service offers one-on-one private advisory, consulting, and coaching packages tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Depending on your needs and requirements, the fee starts from $30,000 per year for a one-year appointment or $2,850 per month AUD — less than an Entry-level worker’s salary.

We recommend considering this service if your revenue is at least $300,000 in turnover. However, if you’re prepared to invest and seek personalised, tailored solutions beyond basic business coaching services and other free support programmes, we are ready to step in implementing strategies to help business to the next level!

Again, protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 

“A Business Coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, so you can be who you always knew you could be”

-Tom Landry

Get instant Coaching for $497 AUD !!!

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