What Is Price or Value Juxtaposition?

Business Ignite: What Is Price or Value Juxtaposition

There is a saying that customers are willing to pay top prices for a service if they understand the VALUE you are offering. Therefore, your mission is to explain the Value so well that it is a no-brainer for your customer to purchase from you.

The problem is that Value is subjective. What is considered valuable to one person might be different to another buyer. To address this, we use Juxta-positioning.

The word Juxtaposition in marketing is a compare & contrast strategy to demonstrate a stark difference between subject A (or object A) with Subject B or other comparable Subjects (or Objects) when they are all placed side by side.

The mission of Juxtaposition is to shine the light on the Chosen One (Subject or Object) and make other comparable entities appear inferior, insignificant, or a runner-up – thus, making it a breeze for the audience to determine who the winner is.

In the realm of competitors, you want to shine in your marketplace.

Bridesmaids Juxtaposition

Think bridesmaids. Their function was not to outshine the Bride but to accentuate the Bride’s impressionable qualities by carefully downplaying their styling, dress size, and physical attractiveness.

If you carefully apply Juxta-positioning to your marketing, your company becomes the Bride, and the rest of your competitors become the bridesmaids in the eyes of your prospects.

Here are a few tips to make this work.

  1. Evaluate your top 3 direct competitors’ faults, strengths, pricing, and offers.
  2. Assess your Business model and find the features or benefits you can extract to create a stark contrast with your competitors.
  3. Adjust it, refine, or make it at least 10% better.
  4. Identify opportunities and loopholes that you could gain a competitive edge over them.
  5. Do a price & value juxtaposition.
  6. Create Images or Videos to demonstrate your Price/ Value Juxta positioning.

Action Plan

Juxtaposition is a powerful marketing tool because it uses relativity to show customers the value in your product or service. When done correctly, juxtaposition can be very effective in helping customers understand the value of what you’re offering and make a decision to purchase from you. If you want to learn more about how to use this technique in your own marketing, join our mastermind group where we offer resources and support on this topic.


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