How to Craft Your Webpage’s Headlines From Good To Great.

Business Ignite: How to Craft Your Webpage's Headlines From

Every webpage should have an Attention-Grabbing headline, title, and headings. And that one-liner summary text should focus on an outcome or a pain that resonates with your target audience.

Headlines, titles, and headings are essential elements in content marketing. I recommend having a headline that focuses on attaining an outcome, a result, or a promise for your prospects.

If you can do this successfully, it will interrupt their thoughts and channel their attention to your content.

The key to success is understanding your target audiences’ pain, frustrations, or needs/aspirations. And I use the 3 W formula.

Here are three tips for applying the 3 W formula.

The 3 W Formula

First, ask yourself.

  1. What is one problem (or thing) that your readers yearn to fix/resolve/ remedy/ attain ASAP?


    My prospect wants (insert specific outcome): make more money, develop more capabilities, acquire more skills, increase his network, amplify their resources, experience more happiness, indulge in more pleasure, create more free time, or experience Less pain, less suffering, less stress, less headache, etc

    Whatever the answer is, you can label that as Outcome No. 1:
  2. Why do they want to attain those outcomes (Outcome #1)?


    Because they want to progress towards a healthy lifestyle, more freedom, and to experience financial freedom and independence. Or to retire early.

    Whatever the answer Is, that will be the result in No. 2.

  3. Why is it important to attain result #2?

    Response (any of the following):

    Respect, sense of significance, sense of importance, certainty, inner peace, Purpose, and love.

    The 3rd Why addresses their deepest emotional needs.

The Craft

Once you have understood their deepest emotional triggers, you can craft your one-liner text to capture their attention.

The more accurately your words resonate with them (in their head), the more they pay attention to your content.

You will soon discover that most emotional needs are common triggers amongst us; therefore, without sounding too cliché and generic in your heading, titles, and headlines, try to say it differently in your titles, headings, and headlines.

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