How Effective Is Your Sales Pitch?

Business Ignite: How Effective Is Your Sales Pitch

No matter if you are a Business owner, Sales representative, or Executive – as long as you are dealing with people, you need to have an effective Sales Pitch.

A Sales Pitch is a memorable script or presentation that attempts to convert a person (of monetary or influential Value) to take action: To Call, Book, Claim, Buy, Order, OR Accept, Sign, and Agree.

Here are three Creed for an effective Sales Pitch: –

  • The better your marketing, the less pitching you need.
  • The more trustworthy your brand is, the more receptive they are to buying from you.
  • The better your Value-Based pricing, the easier it is to Close them.

With these three conditions in place, you can almost sell anything.

The formula for an effective Sales Pitch

When you pitch your Offer to a person of interest, focus 70% on triggering their emotional needs and 30% on satisfying their logical mind.

That is the 70/30 principle.

Your Sales Pitch should address 70% of the benefits: answering what’s in it for them and the remaining 30% explaining the features (what they get).

Take note of the Left Brain Vs Right Brain theory, where the left brain is responsible for analytical and methodical design-thinking, and the right brain gravitates towards emotional reasoning.

That means a person’s left brain will analyse the features (logic) and deliverables, and their right brain will attempt to justify the emotional benefits that they’ll get: “what’s in it for me”, “how does it make me feel” and “do I feel good when I make this purchase”.

And if it ticks most of the needs, you’ll get what you want: a Sale, a Yes, an agreement.

Therefore, your sales pitch must speak to two sides of the brain to increase the probability of success. And switch it left and right like a windscreen wiper.

The Pitch Kryptonite

However, sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds. And no matter how effective and polished your Sales Pitch, it will be ineffective under these three conditions:

  1. Your prospects are penny-pinchers; avoid them. In essence, they are the wrong customer (Avatar) for your brand. To satisfy their needs, you must demonstrate that you have exhausted all your time and resources to meet their expectations.
  2. Your prospects have a scarcity mindset and do not respect your profession and industry. In their attitude, you are a dime a dozen, and they can always find someone who can do much better and cheaper than you. There is a saying:

    It’s easier to sell a water bottle to a thirsty man who just got out of the desert.

    Therefore, walk away if you encounter someone with a scarcity mindset, and ensure you focus your resources on pitching to the right people who need your services.
  3. You talked too much and failed to ask the right questions to qualify and identify their emotional triggers.
  4. Your Offer was not valuable enough for them to say Yes.

    There’s a 10X pricing strategy which explains that your pricing model must be one-tenth of the total Value to improve your chance of a conversion.

    Now that you have the foundation let’s get into the tips for crafting a compelling sales pitch.

3 Tips For Crafting Your Sales Pitch

  1. Describe your Offer in detail as well as its benefits.
  2. When you describe the features, make sure you explain the “So What” after each part; this helps your prospects to contextualise your Offer and bridge the gap between your Offer (feature) with their emotional needs “what’s in it for them” (benefits)
  3. You can use the following linking phrases: (insert your feature) “…so that”, “by engaging us you get…”, or “it’s important because….”.
  4. Attach emotional triggers into the Pitch. Here are 7 emotional triggers that most people have: –
    • Sense of Status
    • Sense of Respect
    • Sense of Significance/ Importance
    • Sense of Peace
    • Sense of Purpose.
    • Sense of security
    • Sense of Value.

Any enhancement or withdrawal to any of these emotional needs will ignite a specific action from them.

Once you have vetted their emotional triggers, the next step is to attach and relate the features (what they get) to their emotional triggers to activate an action from them.

In Conclusion

An effective Sales Pitch can bring in more sales and revenue to your company and possibly attain whatever you want in your Business (and life) venture. But it does have limitations, as explained above.
The best takeaway is to focus on communicating the emotional needs that trigger an action from them.
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