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Why Should You Invest in SEO?

Investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows your prospects and customers to easily find you on Google search engine amid all your competitors.

If done correctly, your website/webpage will appear on the first page of Google. This positioning drives free traffic to your website and improves your conversion rate.

SEO is an ongoing task if you want to stay ahead of your competitors on Google and other search engines.

To optimise your website properly for the Google search engine ( & other search engines), we work on your On-Page, Off-Page, and Local optimisation.

On-Page SEO

Establishing a robust online presence for your website is vital in today’s digital landscape to enhance trust and credibility in your expertise. If you’re missing Sitelinks or lagging your business description online, you are falling behind your competitors. Therefore the foundational set-up to optimise your website for search engines is crucial. Do it once, do it right, so there’s no need to revisit. Our on-page SEO service includes the following tasks: –

SEO, SEO Services

Initial Investment

Thereafter, $499*/ month for ongoing on-Page SEO.

*Price in AUD, Cancel Anytime with 30 Days notice, *Excludes GST

Off-Page SEO

By analysing our clients’ competitors’ SEO, we discovered that up to 89% of their backlinks are of low quality (spammy, broken, harmful, low DA, non-relevant, directories, profiles, etc.), which results in their websites/webpages remaining less prominent. At Business Ignite, we prioritise quality over quantity in our off-page optimisation. We guarantee 1st-page placement on Google for your chosen webpage/website. Hence, our service includes. 

SEO, SEO Services


*Price in AUD Per month, Cancel Anytime with 30 Days notice. Excludes GST

Local SEO

As your prospective consumers increasingly search for businesses “near me” or within their vicinity, optimising for local search ensures that your business stands out in local directories, maps, and search results. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about relevance. Investing in your local SEO ensures that when potential customers in your area look for the services you offer, your business is right there at the top. This approach drives visibility, traffic, and conversions for your business.

SEO, SEO Services
SEO, SEO Services


*Price in AUD, Excludes GST


Blog Posting

We'll Post Two Blog with 2-5 premium stock images* per blog. Perform basic on-page optimisation, and page formatting.

Price: $189 + GST

*Adobe Premium Stocks or StoryBlocks


Content Topic Report

We'll generate up to 3 pages of Report on highly search Titles & Topics on Google for your Content calender.

Price: $150 + GST.


Design/ Fix your Blog Template issues

If you do not have a Blog Template, or Single Post template, posting your Blog can be time-consuming. We can fix or build it for you.

Price: $699* + GST

 Price is based on 3 revisions.


Competive Intelligence Reports

Give us one of your competitors website, and choose any 3 types of reports you need: their backlinks, organic keywords, traffic sources, domain overview, or customer demographic (if available)*.

Price: $99 (no interpretation), or $149 (with interpretation, a mild strategy).


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For your Information

Full SEO Audit

We will perform a website crawl on your website; this is a Page-by-Page assessment of the site’s total SEO status.

SEO-friendly Site audit

Not all websites were built with SEO-friendly elements. If you are using a Page Builder plugin, we’ll help you discover some areas of defects for your webmaster to rectify from an SEO point of view. 

SEO, SEO Services

Keyword Research

We will provide you with the top 5- 10 highly searched keywords for your niche so you can incorporate them into your website and Blog. This is not Guesswork; this is based on statistical data.

Title Tag Optimisation

We will review and edit your title tags on every page to ensure it is searched friendly.

Meta Description Optimisation

We will review and edit your meta description on every page based on the targeted keywords.

URL structure Optimisation

Long and bumpy URL confuses Google, so we will audit and tighten it, so it is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. 

Copy Optimization: We will optimise every page of your website so Googlebot can find your pages easily. By the end of the 6 months, we will have optimised your entire website.

XML Sitemap creation

Sitemap gives a framework to Googlebot to index your website. We will audit and review your sitemap.xml file and resubmit if it’s a better version.

Robots.txt Validation

This text instructs Search Engines on what to crawl and what not to index, so we will review and audit this file to see if it’s on the right track.

Image Alt Tag Optimisation

One of the most time-consuming activities. This is manual labelling handling activity to allow Search Engine to index your images online.   

Meta Directives Validation

This is an audit and repair work to ensure your web pages point to the correct source page.

Broken Link repair

Nobody enjoys roadblocks, and neither do Search Engines. We will inspect, delete, and remedy as many broken links as possible so that the Search Engine can enjoy a smooth crawl when the time comes. 

SEO plugin

We will install an SEO plugin on your WordPress with 1 year of premium access so you can tweak and change it n your own if you wish.

Content Duplication Audit

Duplicated content or similar URLs affects your website; we will review, address, and delete duplicated content subject to your approval.

301 Redirect Audit

We’ll audit any 301 redirected pages or apply 301 turned-on old pages. 

Content Creation

We will develop one 600+ words guest article per month on DA 40+ websites with Do Follow links back to your website.

Backlinks Building

We will reach out to writers/ bloggers in your niche and establish 3-8 links to your site: no PBN, No Link wheels, No Link pyramid. 

Google My Business

We will review and set it up if it’s not done yet. 

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