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Sales Funnel, Lead Generation

Why Do You Need It?

You will need a Sales Funnel system if you want to generate leads and convert them into sales with email campaigns. 

A Sales Funnel (sales process) is a consumer-oriented marketing model that takes your prospect on a journey toward purchasing your service and products.

We can build you an automated Sales Funnel system for your business so that you can watch your Leads flow into your inbox.

Don’t waste money paying for monthly subscriptions on expensive Landing page software and spend time setting up your CRM, Pipelines, and Email campaigns automation. There is a lot of technical work involved, and if you are not techy, just let us build it for you. 

Building a Sales Funnel system for your business is an investment, not an expense.

What We Do

We will...

Price: $1,899*


Additional Services

Email Automation Workflow

To automate your email sequence, we will set up Triggers and Action tags (limited to 20 collectively) in your pipelines/ campaigns as part of the package service. 

However, if you require more triggers/ action tags or to have us create complex multi-funnels, it will be classed as additional services payable via per-hourly rate.

Once we have set up the pipeline, all you need is to provide us with a sequence of emails, and we’ll embed it into your email automation system.

Development of Lead Magnets (Optional)

A lead magnet can be an offer, gift, or any giveaway creative asset that is of value to your prospect to try out.

Suppose you want to offer your prospect other than a “book a free call”, “Get a free quote”, or “Claim this coupon”. In that case, you may want to consider developing creative assets in PDF, infographics, charts, Video training, or anything digital that requires creative design.
We can help you develop those assets, please enquire below.

Training and Support

After your Sales Funnel is built, we will walk you through your system and email automation system and address your Q&A. This service also includes 30 days of bug fixes after launch and support.

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