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Running a business…

…can be arduous: juggling multiple tasks, wearing numerous hats, keeping up with knowledge, and sustaining adequate profit.

The harsh reality is that many businesses, including yours, can achieve profitable growth over time by making a few strategic adjustments to transform your business. The outcome of this business transformation will free up resources for more high-value activities, improve profits, and enhance owners’ freedom in the business.

With profit, you can buy time and acquire committed talents to fine-tune your business model for improved business performance.

However, we understand the challenges you’re up against.

You're overwhelmed...
Your plate is full...
your day is packed!

Ignite Program, Ignite Program


The IGNITE Program

The Ignite Program offers a comprehensive blend of Business Advisory & Coaching services, complemented by complimentary Online Marketing Support. This program is specifically tailored for ambitious business owners in pursuit of outpacing the competition and elevating their business performance.

What truly distinguishes the Ignite Program is the inclusion of monthly Online Marketing support at no additional cost to you.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Due to monthly capacity constraints, this incredible offer at the advertised price won’t remain available for long.

Reach out to us without delay!

Business Advisory/ Coaching

Online marketing Support

Business Advisory/ Coaching
Online marketing services

Here's what you will get...

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Business Growth Training/ Workshops

Our Business Growth training covers a range of entrepreneurial topics on marketing, generative A.I integration, strategy, digital transformation, operational improvement, cash flow, systems, wealth, and mindset.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Accountability & Coaching

Sharpen your business narratives and optimise your productivity in our group accountability sessions.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Nurture your business growth while prioritising your personal & mental wellness to achieve long-term overall well-being.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Round-table & Hot Seat

A unique chance to get your business growth challenges resolved in real-time using collective insights.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Growth Planning + Workshops

Evaluate gaps and opportunities with one of our tools and get expert guidance for optimised implementation

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Plus, Up To 10 Hours of Marketing Support

This is a complementary service and the support includes consulting, assessing, and diagnosing your marketing plan and prescribing the best path to optimise your investment with regards to your marketing strategies, and our Integration Team will coordinate the rest of the activities on your behalf. Here are some of the marketing areas we support, as follows: –

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Website Enhancement

We oversee all website edits and enhancements, including copywriting, upgrades, mild technical issues, and WordPress CMS optimisation, to boost your site’s presence. NB: that backend coding/programming is not included.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Graphic Design & Content Creation

Managing graphic designers and content creation contractors can be challenging, leading to numerous revisions. Our Integration team, with 20+ years of experience, excels in clear communication and results management.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Meta FB/ INST Ads

Ad Campaign Creation: We establish standard campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with dedicated monitoring for campaigns below $1K monthly ad spend (user covers ad spend)

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

SEO Services

From conducting Website Audits to identify issues; to optimising on-page, off-page, and local SEO; creating engaging content; building quality backlinks; and extracting Premium Reports from Semrush-intelligence data.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Lead Generation & Outreach

We assess your CRM configuration and target market, supervise agents in extracting web leads matching your customer persona, and oversee outreach calling to ensure proper documentation in your CRM.

Ignite Program, Ignite Program

Google Ads

Search-Driven Campaigns: We create two standard search-only campaigns for active audience capture. Optimised Monitoring: We closely monitor campaigns under $1K monthly ad spend. Note: User covers ad spend

Every month, you or your company can leverage our Team’s Marketing expertise. Whether it’s tackling ALL aspects of your online marketing or focusing on a crucial key area, we’re here to empower your business and drive business growth. We can work on either of the following:-

Option #1

ALL areas of your business marketing as described above, or

Option #2

one key area that you wish to resolve in your business marketing.

Our online marketing support is entirely optional. It’s just some extra few pairs of hands to assist with your marketing plans. If you already have someone or choose not to use it, that’s perfectly fine. We offer these complimentary services as added value for businesses seeking extra support and greater return on their investment.

In Summary

We Turn Pains into Gains

The Ignite Program will provide you with tools, frameworks, and resources to grow, manage gaps, and improve profitability in your venture. Our program delivers practical strategies to resolve one or more of the following business challenges:-

Don't Wait

You don’t need a huge budget to make a significant impact.

In fact, if you find another business programme that offers much more value than the Ignite Programme, let us know, and we’ll match it with a 10% discount.

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Additional Information

Finding marketing tech agents may not be a problem, but managing them can be a headache with frequent back-and-forth communication, revisions, stress, and headaches that they still don’t get it. Our Integration Team has over 20+ years of combined marketing experience. Collectively, we have a black box of frequently used talents specialising in their own technical niche, charging below the Market retail price (digital marketing). For example, a basic website (AUD $2K minimum, $1.5K with us; Google Ad $900 AUD, but $799 with us, (at the time of writing), etc.

We have carefully selected and partnered with these skilled techs, freelancers, and contractors, utilising their expertise on numerous successful projects. They all meet our stringent standards and expectations. By choosing our services, you can leverage our extensive outsourcing experience, which will not only help you achieve your desired results but also streamline productivity, output, and minimise the need for multiple revisions. This is in stark contrast to hiring your own marketing staff or VA team, as they may not possess the same level of marketing expertise, tech skills, and social media experience that our collective team offers.

Our Marketing support is two-fold: Firstly, we assess, consult, and prescribe a success path, followed by proposing Job Costing for your consideration. You have the option to source your own supplier or choose our preference. If you opt for our preference, we’ll oversee the entire process from A to Z.

*Please note that we are unable to share our supplier, as it took us many years to find them.

You are not bound by a long-term contract, allowing you the flexibility to discontinue our services if they do not meet your expectations. Should you wish to terminate the service, we simply require a 30-day notice. Alternatively, you may log into your payment portal and select the option to cease payments.

We work with businesses across Australia in any State: VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, SA, NT, and WA.

Our price is based in AUD

We also welcome enquiries from the UK, NZ, & SG. And if you are from UK or US, you will benefit from the currency strength when you engage our services. Our fee remains the same.

It’s important to recognise that each business is at a different stage in its marketing journey. Some may have no SEO efforts in place, others may have a minimal online presence, while a few may have achieved satisfactory marketing results.

Effective marketing can simplify the sales process, provided that the messaging, positioning, and right targetting are already in place. Based on experience, certain businesses may need more time to fortify their marketing foundations before observing measurable outcomes. Consider it akin to nurturing an apple tree—watering, fertilisation, sunlight, and time are required to yield fruit, and not every apple tree is the same. However, if you’re seeking quick results (sales), a well-crafted message and a significant advertising budget are crucial.

Exercise caution when dealing with marketing agencies that guarantee substantial financial returns; such promises are often exaggerated.

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