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Attention Business Owners,

The initial years of running a business can be arduous: juggling multiple tasks, wearing numerous hats, absorbing knowledge, and maximising every dollar you invest.

But the harsh reality is that many businesses don’t survive past their sixth year. Some even find themselves drowning in debt or facing bankruptcy, burdening the business and the families behind them.

We’re determined to help you rewrite that narrative.

However, we understand the challenges you’re up against.

You're overwhelmed
Your plate is full
your day is packed!

....And Yet, The recurring challenge is Always.... - Time.

, Ignite Plan

Let's IGNITE Your Business Growth


The IGNITE Program

This isn’t merely another marketing service; it’s a hybrid model that combines Online Marketing services with Business coaching as a bonus. It’s your business lifejacket combo, meticulously designed for entrepreneurial spirits on a tight marketing budget, like yours, who also want to stay abreast as entrepreneurs to improve business performance.

The beauty is that the IGNITE program transcends mere marketing as we incorporate business coaching into the program, enriching your chance to continue entrepreneurial development whilst you learn, grow, and thrive within a community of peers. It’s an avenue perfectly suited for small business owners managing lean teams and budgets.

As this is an introductory launch,  this value-packed Ignite program at the advertised price will not last.

Hurry, prices are subject to change without notice as we prioritise working with individuals who align with our values and standards

In A Nutshell,
You'll Get Cost-Effective

Online marketing services
Business coaching

Here's the Details

Website Service

We’ll take care of all the nitty-gritty edits and enhancement of your website.

Scope: We attend to all your editing, web improvement, enrichment, management, and design to elevate your website’s overall presence. This includes copywriting, upgrades, and optimisation within your current WordPress CMS. Note: Backend coding/programming is not covered

Graphic Design & Content Creation

Visual Engagement: Whether it’s for your website, promotions, advertisements, blogs, or social media, we craft graphics that capture attention and convey your message powerfully.

SEO - getting your KWs on 1st Page.

KWs = Your buyers’ intent Keywords 

Website Audit: We pinpoint defects hindering your online performance. As well…

SEO Optimisation: We’ll work on-page to off-page to local SEO. We’re here to ensure your content shines and attracts quality traffic.

Content Development: We attend to content creation that resonates with your audience.

Backlink Boost: Building authentic and relevant backlinks to propel your online authority further.

Premium Reporting: Upon request, receive detailed reports using tools like Semrush to track progress and metrics.

Precise Lead Generation

Focused Targeting:  Our team will explore the world wide Web to identify leads that match your customer persona.

Detailed Extractions: We provide comprehensive details, including company information, job titles, phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and more…

Meta Ads (Optional)

Ad Campaign Creation: We set up two standard campaigns for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Dedicated Monitoring: Our team monitors campaigns with an ad spend below $1K per month.

Note: Ad Spent is borne by the user.

Google Ads (Optional)

Search-Driven Campaigns: We design two standard search-only campaigns to capture audiences actively looking for your offerings.

Optimised Monitoring: Rest easy knowing we’re keeping a close eye on campaigns with an ad spend below $1K per month.

Note: Ad Spent is borne by the user.

Every month, our team commits up to 10 hours* to work on either:-

Option #1

ALL areas of your online marketing as described above, or

Option #2

the key areas you prioritise (as described above) that sum up to the prescribed hours.

*Extra hours will be $65/hr

And In Addition to...

The monthly marketing services covering your vital areas in your business marketing; you’ll also receive Monthly Business Coaching from

Victor Kon
Principal Business strategist/ Consultant
Certified Business Advisor. Certified Practising Marketer.

What You Get in Monthly business coaching

, Ignite Plan

1-on-1/ Hot Seat*

A unique chance to get your business challenges addressed in real-time.

, Ignite Plan

Business Presentation + Pitch*

Sharpen your business narratives and hone your pitching skills to refine your presentation.

, Ignite Plan

Meaningful Networking:

Connect, learn, and grow. Forge valuable connections and broaden your horizons

, Ignite Plan

Business Growth Training/Workshops:

Our implementational training covers a range of entrepreneurial topics on marketing, strategy, digital transformation, operational improvement, cash flow, systems, wealth, and mindset.

, Ignite Plan

Implementation Sessions:

A unique chance to get your business challenges addressed in real-time.


In Summary....

You Get...

To support your progressive Business Growth

, Ignite Plan

Don't Wait

You don’t need a huge budget to make a significant impact.

IGNITE has been meticulously designed to be both convenient and affordable, ensuring that businesses of various stages can benefit.

Schedule a call with us today on
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Frequestly Asked Questions

No contract. You can terminate the service with a 30-day notice, or log in to your payment panel and click stop payment. 

We work with businesses across Australia in any State: VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, SA, NT, and WA.

Our price is based in AUD

We also welcome enquiries from the UK, NZ, & SG. And if you are from UK or US, you will benefit from the currency strength when you engage our services. Our fee remains the same.

Your current business status and progress are a reflection of your existing expertise, constraints in guidance, and access to vital resources. If you are discontent with the progress, it means that you have exhausted all available resources to grow your business. To progress to the next phase, the solution lies in business coaching, consulting, or advisory services to provide the missing elements that drive your business growth.

In this program, the business coaching service is designed to oversee your entrepreneurial endeavours, ensuring that you consistently stay updated with business best practices and the latest knowledge that drives your business growth.

When it comes to online marketing, envision it as having your in-house part-time marketing team focused on the critical aspects of your business’s marketing strategy working with your company, without the burdensome WorkSafe/Cover premiums and the complexity of employment-related responsibilities, as these complexities are entirely outsourced to Business Ignite.

Every business is at a different stage in marketing: some have zero SEO done, some have a bare minimum online presence, and only a small handful have satisfactory marketing work done.

Marketing is an impression game, and achieving instant results depends solely on your industry and what you are selling. There are no guaranteed results.

Similar to business administration, marketing is an essential element for continual business success. You can either employ an experienced in-house marketing manager who knows exactly what to execute for your business or outsource it to Business Ignite.

Just as with your administrative personnel, from whom you may not always expect drastic instant results every time, the Ignite marketing team diligently works on your backend marketing, focusing on one or a few areas at a time within their dedicated prescribed hours. This commitment is reinforced by online support through TEAM for optimal effectiveness.

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