Business Assessment
& Diagnostic Tools

The business diagnostic and assessment tools below help you to identify gaps, challenges, and critical areas in your business that require attention and resolution. If you want to build a sustainable and profitable business that meets industry business standards and market requirements, you need to choose a suitable tool below to start the assessment.

After you answer the questions in our diagnostic tools, you will receive a personalised action plan of information and resources to help you understand and be prepared for some of the challenges you may face when building, growing and scaling your business.

We can help you work on the Assessment Tools together, or you can do it yourself. Email is optional but highly recommended. You will need to enter your email address to receive a copy of the Report and work through the recommendation in your own time. Otherwise, the result will only be displayed in graphical terms on the screen.

Below are some of the tools we used to help business owners discover areas that impede on their business growth.

(click on the images below to start the Assessment)

free business resources, Free Business Resources

Over 125+ business consultants in our global network have used the assessment & diagnostic tools to help business owners like yourself to identify gaps, opportunities, and risks in their business framework. For over 20+ years, we’ve refined the scoring tools with most consultants’ input to ensure it meets today’s business landscape.

The quiz in the assessment tools represents the benchmark of a high-performance business model in a competitive environment.

Do you need help with the Assessment/ Diagnostic Tools?

Using the tools can be daunting, and To get the most out of our diagnostic tools, a business consultant (like me) can meet with you via Zoom or Face-To-Face and go through the assessment tool together. After the session, I will write a recommendation report based on your response and present your results on visual graphs to illustrate your business’s gaps, opportunities, and risks.

Alternatively, suppose you are not ready to schedule a time with me (which is absolutely free) to walk through the assessment together. In that case, you may help yourself with the tools above and explore our nine (9) business diagnostic tools. Please hover your mouse over the assessment tool that meets your needs.

If you end up changing your mind as the quiz in the tools does not make much sense to you, please reach out to us, and we’ll walk through the tools together. Please schedule a time with me by clicking the button above. 

NB: The diagnostic assessment session is different from the 1:1 Clarity Strategy Session.

free business resources, Free Business Resources


Victor Kon is Business Ignite’s Business Strategist. As a “business builder” entrepreneur, Victor has been building, growing, and exiting businesses profitably for the past 13 years, achieving 6-9X ROI. He is a member of an international network that comprises of business consultants in UK, US, Asia-Pacific, and New Zealand. He is a Certified Business Advisor from the Institute of Business Advisors, and a Certified Practising Marketer at the Australian Marketing Institute.  

Condensing hours of business, marketing, and peak performance training, and applying it into his 13+ years of business experience, Victor helps businesses unlock their full potential to maximise their business potential. 

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