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The 90 Minutes Business Growth Workshop helps business owners discover time-tested Business & Marketing frameworks with practical steps that profitably build, grow and maximise your business potential.

The Business Growth Workshop is a compilation of proven strategies with actionable tools that fast-track your progress towards revenue growth

Who Its For?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups across all sectors, who are leaders and experts in their fields, seek ways to develop new capabilities, acquire more resources, and access opportunities to drive growth, increase sales, and enhance cash management effectiveness.

Ultimately, our Business Growth Workshops aim to address one or more of the following business challenges:

What You Will

Training Topics
6:00PM - 7:30pm

This is a webinar workshop session, which will involve discussions, questions, and some practical application sessions.

The Business Growth Framework

Profit, Systems, & Marketing

The Business Freedom Roadmap

*Topics vary per event, don’t miss out.

Hot Seats (if time permits)

Registrants will get together to help one another solve their unique challenges. It is your opportunity to get constructive feedback about your business & marketing challenges from other Members other than myself. You will have the chance in the “hot seat” on a rolling basis to showcase your business, have the group critique, and offer strategies to grow your business.

What You'll Gain

Now is the Time to Transform Your
Business & Life.

We are affected by what we know (knowledge). Whatever you know or don’t know can impact your business. Ignorance is not bliss; it is a tragedy that creates a sense of lack and often leads to failure. What you don’t know will hurt your business and affect your life, leaving you running in circles.

Attend this business workshop to discover the latest business and marketing strategies.

Business Growth Workshops, Business Growth Workshops – Landing Page

Business Growth Strategist


CBA, CPM, B.InfoMgt. AssocDegBus.

Business Growth Workshops, Business Growth Workshops – Landing Page

Business Growth Strategist/ Consultant


CPBA, CPM, Degrees.
Management & Business

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