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Business Coaching Adelaide | business Ignites, Business Coaching Adelaide

For Business Owners in Adelaide who require one-on-one customised solutions and tailored strategies for their business and marketing challenges, you need the Business Strategy & Business Coaching Program.

Whether you are seeking business strategy, marketing consultancy, business coaching, or advisory board services to solve your specific business challenges, this program is an all inclusive service that helps you achieve your unique wants and needs as a business owner in Adelaide so that you can attain the income, autonomy, and lifestyle that you have set for yourself.

As a business owner in Adelaide, you are a Leader and an expert in your field. And as a leader, you need various skillsets and competencies to make your business profitable and achieve your goals of being in business. 

However, every business owner will reach a plateau from time to time. And to break through those barriers and attain your success, you need an outside consultant/ advisor/business coach to bridge the gap and accelerate your progress and results. A business coach is a professional mentor who supports, educates, and motivates business owners.

Business Coaching Adelaide | business Ignites, Business Coaching Adelaide

And with our Strategy and Business Coaching program, we offer the following Programs to business owners and entrepreneurs...

Our "Business Growth" Programs


We Help 10X Your Business Growth
  • Advisory, Consultancy, Coaching
  • Business optimisation
  • Maximise business growth
  • Net Profit improvement
  • Google/ Facebook/Bing Ads
  • SEO, Content, Website
  • Lead Generation & Funnel


We help Optimise & Grow Your Business
  • Advisory & Business Coaching
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Workflow & Productivity
  • Revenue & Profit
  • Outsourcing & HR
  • Business systemisation
  • Strategic & Exit Planning


We Help Start & Set Up Your Business*
  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tailored Marketing Plan
  • Website & Google S Integration
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Sales Funnel Lead Gen
  • Set-up & Start Selling

Depending on the Program, we will work through your...

Business Growth & Entrepreneurial Strategies

through the Expertise & experience of a Certified Business Coach

& Internet Marketing Strategies

through the Expertise & experience of a Certified Practising Marketer

Every Program Also Includes...

Business Coaching Adelaide | business Ignites, Business Coaching Adelaide

Deep Dive Business Assessment

This is where we assess your current business and marketing processes, discover the roadblocks that are stopping you from getting to that next level, and tell you precisely what strategies and tactics you need to take to remove those roadblocks so you can leap to the next phase. By the end of the sessions, you will have tonnes of clarity and confidence to progress forward in your business with certainty.

1-On-1 Strategic Advisory

This is a one-on-one tailored business coaching service to resolve your unique business and marketing challenges specifically in Adelaide. Victor will apply strategic creative thinking to help you unknot your business headaches at hand. With his 13+ years of business experience and his network of over 125+ business consultants and business coaches worldwide, there is not a problem that he hasn’t come across.

Business Ignite advisory
Business Coaching Adelaide | business Ignites, Business Coaching Adelaide

Business Coaching

If you are tired of business coaches who haven’t run businesses before, you won’t be disappointed with Victor. To help you succeed, he will combine his 13+ years of business experience with his knowledge and insights (consists of nearly half a million dollars spent on personal development courses) to push you and your business to reach peak performances. 

Business & Marketing Consultation

Inclusive in the service, if you have a specific business or marketing project that you would like to implement to help increase revenue and improve your profit margin, Victor and his team will help you execute it. In the consultancy industry, the strategy and advice are stand-alone charges, and implementation costs (tools and labour) are additional services, but as a client, you pay only the implementation cost. 

Business Coaching Adelaide | business Ignites, Business Coaching Adelaide

And Much More...

From strategy sessions to entrepreneurial leadership, to personal direction, clarity, and peak performance, enquire today to get the full scope of inclusions and its deliverables. NB: With one-on-one business coaching program, Victor could only work with limited clients at any given time. And time is valuable, therefore he could only work with A-players and businesses with existing momentum. So, apply now to see if we are the right fit. 


We will Pack over $2,194 worth of Value per month to Maximise Your Business's Growth - FREE!

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As Clients of VK, we don’t just work on your business; we work on you as well, assisting you throughout your journey in creating an exceptional life for yourself. Remember, without the right strategic mindsets to coach yourself and guide others; it will take you longer to attain your business and personal goals.

Valued $299/ month

As business owners in Melbourne, there is no one to hold you accountable except yourself. And to keep your fire burning, we believe a little push and encouragement can do wonders. As Client of VK, we will have monthly accountability coaching sessions to keep you focused on your high-value activities and ensure you progress month by month without regressing.

Valued at $299/ month.

To Grow Your Business in Melbourne, you need a business management/ Intelligence tool to manage your business. As Clients, you will have access to our Business Ignite Hub Dashboard and various systemization tools to track your KPIs, document systems, establish accountability, and manage achievements. Our Business Ignite Hub is a web application that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Valued $499/ month

As a Certified Practising Marketer, we subscribe to various Competitive/ SEO data intelligence tools such as semrush, ahref, Moz, Spyfu, Ispionage, etc, to access cutting edge reports – and they are expensive! But as Clients, we are going to share those data with you. For instance, suppose you need to deep dive into your competitors’ online strategies. Our Team can generate the following reports to help unveil your competitors’ secrets: their organic keywords, traffic source, backlinks, target markets, Ads Copies (if appl), and much more. We can also audit your website, or produce Content Topics Report. Any of these data will help you save time, money, and unnecessary spending chasing the wrong tail. Limit to 3 reports/ month. Valued $399/ month.

Content is king, and SEO is queen. You need ongoing content for your website and social media to build trust. Our Team will assist you in creating artwork/ images using PREMIUM images from Adobe Stocks. As Clients, we can help you develop 3 x Artwork/ Images per month for your social media and website. We also have access to over 1 million HD royalty free videos (short clips) and over 74,000 Sound Effects from StoryBlocks to jazz up your Blogs, Website, or Email. A limit of 5 assets/ month applies.

Valued $299/month.

During your business growth journey, you will need marketing, whether it is to do with competitive market research, Google/ FB Ads, website edits, lead gen system, additional content creation, or SEO. As Clients, You’ll Get a 30% discount from our in-house Digital Marketing Services. What’s more, there’s No “Lock-Ins” contract.

Valued $399/ Month

It costs nothing to get answers to your specific business matters based on our expertise and experience. Click on the button to book a free strategy call. Once booked, we will perform a Needs Assessment and recommend some direction and specific steps that you could take to resolve your business objectives.

How can We help?

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The industry we serve

Here are some industries and sectors that we could help to scale your business in Adelaide, as follows:

  • Accommodation & Tourism services 
  • Professional (B2C) & Business (B2B) services
  • Building & Construction services
  • Medical, allied, and other Health Professional services 
  • Education, Coaching, and Training services
  • Most service-based businesses in Adelaide

If your industry is not listed above, or unclear which industry you fit in, talk to us to see if we can help.