4 Reasons Content Marketing Is Essential for Your Business.

As business owners, you rarely have the time to research, draft, and produce valuable Content.

You can do it yourself, but unless you are a trained marketer, you would instead focus on bringing in more sales or optimising your business.

However, you cannot neglect content (or blog) marketing as it is a crucial part of modern digital marketing.

Here are four reasons to get pumped on investing resources in content development.

#1. Blog Builds Brand Recognition and Reputation.

If your Blog exudes educational, informative, and entertaining Content, it will demonstrate your wit and authority on the subject matter.

And if you’re planning on promoting your product or services, blog marketing is one of the low-cost investments to get Traffic to your Website.

Either way, consistent Blog & content marketing can help establish your brand and reputation.

However, it can also have a detrimental effect.

If you use AI Tool to auto-generate templated paragraphs and sub-headings without incorporating your insights and knowledge. Your Readers will pick up the disformity based on the clumsy flow of information and context that lacks substance.

Such AI Tools can only generate standardised and elementary Content that perhaps would satisfy the curiosity of a 14-year-old reader. Still, it will not please your educated audience of 22 to 55+ years old target market.

All AI content requires a professional writer and editor to proofread again.

Furthermore, Mr Google Bots get smarter and wiser every hour, and they can discredit the value of your Website if they can find similar Content or articles in their massive database matrix.

Therefore be careful of overly relying on these latest Content AI tools to generate your Content.

content marketing, 4 Reasons Content Marketing Is Essential for Your Business.

#2. Content Can Position Yourself as an Expert.

Consistent Blogging is one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority figure in any field. The keyword is Consistency.

In today’s world, becoming an authority in your field is crucial. To get more customers, you need to build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your area, share your knowledge, and help solve their problems.   

When readers get hooked on reading your Content, implementing small changes in their daily actions, witnessing results, and sharing it with their friends, it gives them the confidence that they made the right decision by following your Blog.

Your brand’s influence will be directly affected by the quality of the material you provide.

Your followers begin to trust your Blog (and brand) due to your frequent Blogging. You may also increase your bottom line as your Prospects are likely to buy from someone they trust.

#3. It Builds Rapport & Affinity With Prospects.

Engagement is the key to building rapport, connection, and affinity with your prospects.

If you are using WordPress, there are plugins (Micro-software) that you can install on your Website to invite readers to comment. You can use this opportunity to learn more about your audience and ask them questions about their needs and wants.   

You can interact with your readers in real-time through comments and feedback on your Blog.

By producing consistent valuable blogs (e.g., tips or how-to articles) and engaging with them, you build rapport with prospects and customers by establishing trust.

content marketing, 4 Reasons Content Marketing Is Essential for Your Business.

#4. Drive Traffic to your Website.

One of the ultimate purposes of Content marketing is to drive Traffic to your Website.

We all want free Traffic to our Website because paid Traffic can be expensive.

If you produce highly targeted Content for your prospect, which contains high-value keywords, buyers’ keywords, or high-intent keywords, your prospects can find you (or your business) on the Internet.

When your prospects click on the link, It will go straight to your website/ landing page. From your Website or landing page, it’s up to you to convert them using low-ticket offers or gifts in exchange for their emails so that you can the engagement post-visit.

Here’s a Question.

Now you may question and wonder why you need to spend the time, money, and resources to create Content when you can subscribe to Content-Filtering software such as Feedly, Inoreader, or Thunderbird to feed you with relevant industry-related Content that you can share with your target audience on your Social media and achieve the same outcomes, such as: –

  • building brand recognition
  • positioning yourself as an expert
  • Creating rapport and affinity

Logically speaking, sharing other Author’s Content can save time and help you attain the benefits mentioned above, right?

The main problem with this strategy is that you don’t get the Traffic, the conversion, or the sales, and eventually, you channel the expert-positioning opportunity to another Author.

Remember, the reward goes to whoever produces the Content.

When you share a Blog or Content recommended by content-filtering software such as Feedly, the leading Publisher gets the Traffic because you are pointing and directing links to their platform. The Traffic goes to them, not you.

And you are helping the Publisher (or Author) promote their product and services and improve their sales and conversion rate as it brings YOUR prospects to their virtual store (Website). Furthermore, you miss the opportunity to promote your products and services. So bear that in mind the next time you share other Author’s Content who are in the same field.

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