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Life is more than just Business. To have a profitable and fulfilling business, you must have a well-balanced strategic mindset and embrace a constructive perspective on issues that affect your life: your relationship/marriage dynamics, wealth, health, and reference group.

Our Inner Growth’s blog comprises collective life & business wisdom extracted from various concepts to give business readers a central platform to digest, ponder, and perform self-enquiry on real-life matters that impede on their business & personal growth  

4 Tips to Getting Things Done Quickly

We only have 4 hours of optimum time in a day to strategise and implement the things we want to produce the maximum outcome. Therefore it is in your best interest to work on your high-priority and high-value activities that produce the optimum results for your Life and...

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3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Business and In Life

Running a business is mentally taxing and resource-intensive. And it is no coincidence that more than 60% of small companies stopped their operations within the first three years (source. ABS).  Keeping up with the daily tasks of running a business, maintaining cash flow, and managing high-level stress can...

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3 Ways to Become More Productive

Here are the top 3 Reasons to become more Productive. You’ll Achieve more with less time You’ll Earn more with less time. You’ll Get more done in 3 months than your peer in 1 year We all want productivity. The question is, how do you sustain being productive...

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How to Deal With Loss & Anxiety as a Business Owner

Business owners face surmountable mental challenges during their entrepreneurial journey. One of the harshest mental challenges is dealing with a sense of financial loss and experiencing ongoing anxiety. Research by Dr Michael Freeman stated that 72% of entrepreneurs reported having mental health concerns and suggested that founders are...

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