5 Simplified Technologies for Start-Ups (Entrepreneurs)

Business Ignite: 5 Simplified Technologies for Start-Ups

For Website:

Use WordPress As The Content Management Platform. Although There Are Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, And Many Others, We Still Prefer WordPress As There Is An Abundance Of Themes And Plugins That You Can Use In The Marketplace To Jazz Up Your Website.

For Images, Short Videos, And Audio:

Use StoryBlocks or Envato Elements, It’s Just A Small Subscription Fee, And You Get Access To Millions Of Stocks Asset. But if you need to add caption and customisation to the image, our team can help.

For Blog Content:

Use MS Word And Their Built-In Dictation Feature. Or Outsource To Freelancers And Contractors To Write For You. Alternatively, you may consider A.I software as long as you enhance the content with deeper insight and illustrations.

For On-Page Optimisation:

Use YOAST SEO: This Is A WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Optimise Your Blog, Video, And Web Page Content So That Google And Other Search Engines Can Identify Your Content.
Alternatively, get your website scanned and audited for any SEO defects using our SEO service

Google Search Console (GSC):

For websites to appear on search engines, indexing is essential. It is like getting priority attention from Google, almost as if you cut the queue.

To ensure your blog, webpages, and Sitelinks to appear on the SERP, google search console and other tools like robots.txt, and sitemap XML should be set up correctly.

If you find yourself in need of help setting up these tools and optimising your website for google search, reach out to us SEO service


If you are starting a business, these five technologies will help simplify the process. From website design to creating content, the 5 options are available that won’t break the bank. And we’ve provided some great resources to get you started. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. To access all of our valuable resources – join our mastermind group.


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