Maximise Productivity, Profit, And Growth In Your Business!

Maximise Productivity, Profit, And Growth In Your Business!

Let's work together to...

Let's work together to...

And Catapult your business to the Next Level

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program


Strategist, Integrator, & Implementor.

Certified Business Advisor (IBA)
Certified Pracitising Marketer (AMI)

Unlock the True Potential of Your
Small to Mid-Size Business

Are you looking for a business expert to help your small to mid-size business reach new heights? Look no further, the Quantum Growth Program may be the solution for you.

As a consultant, integrator/ implementer, and business coach all rolled into one, I have the knowledge and expertise to identify any challenges your business may be facing and develop effective strategies for overcoming them.

From digital transformation to revamping your business workflows to optimising marketing efforts, I can help take your company to the next level – whether that means building it up, scaling it, or exiting profitably.

With access to over 65+ best practice business frameworks and other software tools that drive growth and success for your company, we’ll work side by side, hand in hand, to build, scale, and accelerate growth so you can focus on what matters most – focus on your high value/ income activities, while I lend my expertise to unlock the true potential of your business.

The Quantum Growth Program is designed to help you achieve...

The Quantum Growth Program Offers
-A Unique blend of service-
to Grow Your Business

Our service is more than Consulting, Coaching, and Advisory. We also integrate, implement and execute strategies to pave the path to your business success – that’s why I call it the Quantum Growth Program.

You’ll also get access to business software tools, apps, marketing intelligence resources, content assets, business intelligence dashboard, and much more… when we work together on your business.

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program

What We Do and How We Help?

Here's a range of focal points and areas in your business that we can support, project manage, and integrate for you.

Business Growth


Life & Business Well-Being

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program


Business Consultant, Advisor, Strategist, CBA, CPM.

Are we a good fit?
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*Results are not typical

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program


Business Consultant, Advisor, Strategist, CBA, CPM.

Get access to tools and software
To supercharge your business!

To Grow Your Business, you need a business management/ intelligence tool to accelerate your business growth. As Clients, we will give you access to a full suite of business tools and frameworks that help you build, manage, monitor, and track your KPIs progress, systems, accountability, and achievements. From tools on handling your human resources to Quality Assurance to Health & Safety, Business Planning, Policies & Procedures. This platform is your one-stop business management software. It is a web-based software that you can access it anywhere, at any time. We can set you up for success withour lite- customisation.

Valued $499/ month

As a Certified Practising Marketer, we subscribe to various Competitive/ SEO data intelligence tools such as semrush, ahref, Moz, Spyfu, Ispionage, etc, to access cutting edge reports – and they are expensive! But as Clients, we are going to share those data with you. For instance, suppose you need to deep dive into your competitors’ online strategies. Our Team can generate the following reports to help unveil your competitors’ secrets: their organic keywords, traffic source, backlinks, target markets, Ads Copies (if appl), and much more. We can also audit your website, or produce Content Topics Report. Any of these data will help you save time, money, and unnecessary spending chasing the wrong tail. Limit to 3 reports/ month.

Valued $399/ month.

Content is king, and SEO is queen. You need ongoing content for your website and social media to build trust. Our Team will assist you in creating artwork/ images using PREMIUM images from Adobe Stocks. As Clients, we can help you develop 3 x Artwork/ Images per month for your social media and website. We also have access to over 1 million HD royalty free videos (short clips) and over 74,000 Sound Effects from StoryBlocks to jazz up your Blogs, Website, or Email. A limit of 5 assets/ month applies.

Valued $299/month.

As Clients of VK, we don’t just work on your business; we work on you as well, assisting you throughout your journey in creating your exceptional life. Success and growth require the right strategic mindsets that empower you and guide others. You are a success by default, but sometimes we get tumbled by life’s adverse events and occasional setbacks that lead us to question our capabilities. Our Strategic Thought-Partner session, made available to you, is beyond traditional life coaching. We discuss real-life issues that hinder you from entrepreneurial growth: marriage dynamics (or potential divorce), finance, mental health, inner peace, and life strategy. With the right key combinations, it will fast-track your progress toward achieving your business and personal goals.

Valued $468/ month

As business owners, there is no one to hold you accountable except yourself. And to keep your fire burning, we believe a little push and encouragement can do wonders. As Client of VK, we will have monthly accountability coaching sessions to keep you focused on your high-value activities and ensure you progress month by month without regressing.

Valued at $299/ month.

Get access to over 16+ business software tools to help build, elevate, and grow your business to the next chapter. We’ll handle the set-up, installation, and commissioning of essential business software and tools to pave the path to your business success. All you and your team must do is fill it up with content. 

Valued$1,989 per month.

During your business growth journey, you will need marketing, whether it is to do with competitive market research, Google/ FB Ads, website edits, lead gen system, additional content creation, or SEO. As Clients, You’ll Get a 30% discount from our in-house Digital Marketing Services. What’s more, there’s No “Lock-Ins” contract. Check out our range of service.

Valued $399/ Month

By joining the Quantum Growth program,
you'll get over 65+
Strategies & Frameworks
to help grow your business

How are we different from other
Consultants, Coaches, & Advisors?

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth ProgramQuantum
Growth Program
Business Coaches
& Seminars
Built, Operated, & has Grown
successful businesses-

Yes, I've built 5,
and Sold 3 w/i
600-900% ROI.

Many have never
grown, or Exit their
business profitably before

Not Many
its questionable

Certified Business
Advisor, with relevant
academic degrees.

Expert in Online
& business marketing (CPM)

No, as many are
old school

No, unless they
hire an expert.

Is Consulting/ Coaching
all I get?

Just Coaching,
nothing more.

Yes, You get
group coaching
info + content.

Tailored strategic
coaching, advisory,
& business Consulting?

Simply traditional
coaching, No Advisory,
No Consultancy.

No, it is a one-
size-fits-all solution
Cater to the mass.

Can you help
with implementation
& strategy execution?

Let's work side-by-side to
Build, Optimise, & Grow Your Business

Into a profitable, Sustainable, TurnKey company.

Click on the Button to book a free strategy call. 

Its Free, and It doesn’t cost you anything. 

The Industries We Service

We have the experience and knowledge to service business owners in the following industries and sectors:

  • Any Professional Services [B2C & B2B]:-
    • Tech, Legal, Accounting, Finance, IT, Real estate, Design, Engineering, Consultancy.
    • Health, Medical, & Well-being Professional services 
    • Education, Coaching, and Training services
  • Accommodation, Tourism, & Hospitality:-
    • Hotel, Motel, Serviced Apartments, any rental/ booking businesses. 
  • Trades, Construction, Building.
    • Builders, Electrician, carpenters, etc.
  • Any other service-based businesses that can potentially attain massive growth through applying online marketing, systemisation, HR productivity, and optimisation strategies – we can help. 

If your industry is not listed above, or you are unclear which industry you fit in, talk to me and I can help.

Note that we do not provide advisory, business consultancy, and implementation services in the following fields: –

  • Govt Grant, NDIS scheme.
  • Export & Import industry
  • Pitching for funding, JV, and Investment
  • Oil, Gas, Chemical, IP.
  • Or if you are seeking professional advice on legal, financial, and HR assistance.

Schedule a call now and we'll give away

3 Bonus Gifts !

After our discovery session, we'll send three bonus gifts to crystallise your strategic direction in your quest to business growth.

Business Success Roadmap

Business Planning Strategic GuideBook

Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program
Quantum Growth Program, Quantum Growth Program

You’ll only have the upside when you partner with us to grow your business.

As our client, if you attend meetings and complete the agreed-upon tasks, and by some unlikely event, cannot generate the expected return on investment – results quantifiable in financial & personal value – that is equal to or greater than the amount you paid for our professional service (model A) within the first 6 months, we will refund the difference.

In other words, our Quantum Growth Program comes with a 100% risk-free investment.

Frequestly Asked Questions

We work with businesses across Australia in any State: VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, SA, NT, and WA.

We also welcome enquiries from the UK, NZ, & SG. And if you are from UK or US, you will benefit from the currency strength when you engage our services. Our fee remains the same.

Yes, we are more than a business coaching service, we can also integrate, implement, and execute your business marketing plans.

You are an expert in your field, and I am an expert in business optimisation & marketing. I can be highly hands-on or keep a safe distance from your business operational affairs.

We also have a range of Done-For-You business & marketing services that we can bundle them into our monthly fees to make it cost-effective for you.

Don't Leave Empty-Handed,
Join me for a Live Training.